What is Instruction Set?

As if you are already familiar with the fact that instructions mean, detailed information on how you should use something, do something, etc. On the other hand, if we talk about the word 'set', then we can say that it is a group of many things. For example, if several numbers put together, a set of those numbers created. 

So above you know what the words 'instruction' and 'set' mean in common language. This means that you are now ready to know the meaning of the word 'instruction set' in the computer language. 

So let's know what is the 'Instruction Set' in a computer?

what is instruction set

What is Instruction Set?

As we know that each CPU has an inherent ability to execute a set of machine instructions, then the same ability to execute a set of machine instructions is called an instruction set

Most CPUs have 200 or more instructions (such as add, compare, and subtract) in their instruction set. The list of instructions supported by a CPU in its instruction set forms the basis for designing the machine language for the CPU. Since each processor has a unique instruction set, machine language programs are written for one computer will generally not run on another computer with a different CPU.

Here you should also know that the CPUs made by different manufacturers have different sets of instructions. In fact, different CPU models of the same manufacturer may have different instruction sets. However, manufacturers tend to group their CPUs into families having similar instruction sets. When they develop a new CPU, they ensure that its instruction set includes all instructions in the instruction set of its predecessor CPU plus some new ones.

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